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So now it’s year 3.

I’m still a school librarian, and I still read as much as I can, and I still read multiple books at once. I think I may have met someone who reads even more than I do. I had a student this year who kept me on my toes about book recommendations. She was a challenge and I loved every minute of my interactions with her this year (thanks, YL!). As always I devote a lot of time to collection development and so often find myself dealing with a conundrum—good vs. popular. This is nothing new in the library world, but something that becomes more challenging as time goes on. Publishers inundate child readers with series, novel or graphic, good or mediocre, and I’m left to try to decide where to spend my ever-dwindling budget. Do I develop my library collection vertically, meaning lots of titles within a series, or do I go horizontally, many series but not all the books in the series. And horrors—do I buy independent books, i.e. books not in a series? And how much of my collection is what I like (high-quality books kids should read that may or may not be popular) and how much is what my patrons like (not always high-quality stuff that publishers throw together simply because they know it will sell)? I suppose the only way to get a better grip on what the answer is to do what I’ve been doing: earning my nickname and reading early and often and as much as I possibly can!


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