Challenge Accepted

So, what to do for this year?

I could set a new goal of even more books, but really, what is the point of that? I will still track my books with my trusty spreadsheet and try to read a great deal, but simply setting a new number goal does not interest me.

So what does interest me? Not just reading, but also writing.

Keeping this blog the past year has reawakened my interest in writing skills. For the most part, I worked on each posting for several days before publishing. I found myself concerned with the hook, the conclusion, word choice, direction, voice, and a whole host of other writing techniques. I say I want to be a writer, so this year’s focus will be on writing, connected to reading.

How to go about doing that? Simple. Book reviews. I had some book review pages on the blog last year and started off enthusiastically, but those pages dropped off as other things pressed. This year will be different. I am challenging myself to write one book review a week. I hope to post the reviews on Saturday or Sunday, and if I should miss a week due to vacation, illness, whatever, then I need to post two the following week. There are 52 weekends, so that means I’m challenging myself to write 52 book reviews.

I intend to write about the recent new-to-me books I’ve read, both Children’s and G-U. The first weekend starts tomorrow and I likely will not finish a new book in time to write a review of it, so I’ll write one for a recent first-time read. I may play with format as the year progresses, as I hope to research (ever the librarian!) professional reviews, so we’ll see what the year brings.

For each book, I will identify the audience (C=Children, G-U=Grown Up) and genre. I will also rate each book using the following system:

book = Horrible, don’t waste your time

bookbook = Not good, but had something worthwhile about it, although not worth a re-read

bookbookbook = OK, , enjoyable, but run of the mill, might read it again

bookbookbookbook = Good, interesting, definitely would read again

bookbookbookbookbook =Excellent, superlative, worth re-reading on a regular basis

Each review will include a brief synopsis and commentary, as all book reviews should. Since this is my blog and not some detached professional review source, the reviews may or may not be personal. Who knows? I’ll just take one week and one review at a time and see how this goes.

I think, I’m up for the challenge.




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One thought on “Challenge Accepted

  1. Nice challenge you’ve set for yourself.
    Personal opinion only – I don’t care for the G-U. You use C for Children’s, why not A for Adult, or does that mean something totally different?

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